Franchise Support Team

Stroud Homes supports its Franchisees with a team of professionals who are fully dedicated to seeing you and your Franchise prosper.

Learn more about the team that guides our new Franchisees through the startup process and onward throughout the development of the Stroud Homes business.

james stroud of stroud homes

James Stroud – Director

Based: 25% Brisbane, 75% Frequent Travel

Key Franchise Support Roles:

  • New Franchise Set Up – James assists with getting you ready to start your Stroud Franchise.
  • Site Visits – James will visit your office to support, assist and train you.
mark harris stroud homes team manager

Mark Harris – Franchise Support Manager

Based: 30% Brisbane, 70% Travel

Key Franchise Support Roles:

  • Recruitment & Training:
    • First Contact – Meets with new prospects to discuss franchise opportunities across NZ.
    • Start-Up Training – Provides start-up training to new franchisees.
    • Site Visits – Mark will visit your office to support, assist and train you.
    • Ongoing Training – Ensures each franchisee has sufficient and appropriate training as per the training program.
    • Procurement Coordinator – Maintains a relationship with suppliers to ensure that we are receiving the best possible pricing.
    • System Delivery – Delivery and ongoing implementation of the Stroud Homes system.
    • Franchise Operations – Maintain oversight of franchise operations.
Claire-Mole-Stroud Homes Operations Manager

Claire Klease – Operations Manager

Based: 90% Brisbane, 10% Travel

Key Franchise Support Roles:

  • Franchise Agreement Coordinator – Ensures that each Franchise Agreement is signed and appropriately implemented.
  • New Franchise Set Up – Responsible for ensuring each franchisee is set up the best way possible for success.
  • Daily Operations Oversight – Oversees the operations of Head Office team members to ensure that everyone is on track and completing tasks in a timely manner.
  • Operations Manual – Creates new Operations Manual entries and notifies the entire Stroud Homes group so the update can be implemented in each office.

Sharnna Anderson – Administrative Manager

Based: 90% Brisbane, 10% Travel

Key Franchise Support Roles:

  • Reporting – Compiles all the weekly and monthly reports from each franchise.
  • New Franchise Merchandise – Prepares all merchandise and brochures to be sent to new Franchisee and ensures that it has been delivered before opening.
  • Franchise Conferences – Responsible for arranging all franchise events including conferences, training days and fun days.
  • Accounts – Responsible for accounts receivable and payable.
  • Marketing Material – Takes your requests for new marketing material, marks it up and organises the Graphic Designers to amend accordingly. Once complete, the material will be distributed to all franchisees for use.
  • Assistance – Assists you with issues regarding Dropbox and accounts.

Eileen Bruce – New Home Design Administrator

Based: 100% Brisbane

Key Franchise Support Roles:

  • Plan Development – Creates and maintains home design plans.
  • Marketing Material – Updates Marketing Material when plan details change.
  • Social Media – Posts to national social media profiles including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest daily to promote the Stroud Homes brand.
  • House & Land Package Advertising – Assists you in creating house and land listings to increase your enquiries.
  • General Assistance
Stephanie-Cusack-Stroud-Homes-New Zealand - Admin

Stephanie Cusack – Administrator

Based: 100% Brisbane

Key Franchise Support Roles:

  • Enquiries – Directs build enquiries that Head Office receives to the relevant Stroud Homes office.
  • Marketing Material – Updates Marketing Material when items such as opening hours, staff and addresses change.
  • Merchandise –Distributing merchandise and brochure orders as needed to each franchise office
  • General Assistance
Pauanui 450 Lifestyle Home Design

Joining the Stroud Team

The Advantages Of Joining The Stroud Homes Network

At Stroud Homes we ensure that all of our franchisees are supported through the transition of starting their own business. We have refined this process over the years and have committed staff and proven systems in place to get you to where you need to be.

  • High-Quality House Plans
  • Buying Power
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Website
  • Training, Mentoring and Support
  • Proven Software and Construction Management Systems

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