Why Stroud Homes?

Owning a Stroud Homes Franchise allows you to grow your business quickly, in a structured, best practice, client-friendly and controlled way.

Why Stroud Homes?

What it is like being a Stroud Homes Franchise Owner?

Stroud Homes has grown since 2011 to encompass more than 20 builders working within a collaborative business environment.
Here our builders share their insights into running a Stroud Homes franchise.

Michael Rabey – Auckland North

Craig Shorrock – Auckland South

Meet our Builders

Greg Neville

We can provide big builder pricing with small family builder service

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Greg Neville - Director
Craig Shorrock

The systems Stroud Homes has in place are amazing, right down to the pricing, contracts and on-site management. The strength and support behind the franchise is absolutely fantastic.

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Craig Shorrock - Director
Auckland South
Matt Lowson

Compared to other franchises the level of support was far superior…

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Matt Lowson - Director
Michael Rabey

They did what they said they would do. When they say they will provide something or they have a contact or a system in place… that is true. To be able to have all those systems and processes in place immediately and have good people behind all that… it has been amazing.

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Michael Rabey - Director
Auckland North

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