Why Stroud Homes?

Owning a Stroud Homes Franchise allows you to grow your business quickly, in a structured, best practice, client-friendly and controlled way.

Why Stroud Homes?

What it is like being a Stroud Homes Franchise Owner?

Stroud Homes has grown since 2011 to encompass more than 20 builders working within a collaborative business environment. Here our builders share their insights into running a Stroud Homes franchise.

Meet our Builders

Matt Lowson

Compared to other franchises the level of support was far superior…

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Matt Lowson - Director
Fred Khachan

Stroud Homes were there to support us, not just take fees…

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Fred Khachan - Director
Greg Neville

We can provide big builder pricing with small family builder service

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Greg Neville - Director
Jace Keirnan

There is a lot of support within the Stroud Group. It feels like a family…

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Jace Keirnan - Director

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Be among the very first New Zealand builders to join the ever expanding Stroud Homes network. Its a great team offering top-notch support and a pathway to build a prosperous business.