Franchisee Testimonial: Michael Rabey (Stroud Homes Auckland North)

In this video, you get to meet Stroud Homes Auckland North builder Michael Rabey, and hear why he decided to join the building franchise.


Video Transcript:

Michael: Experience in the building industry has been 26 years, primarily building new residential dwellings. Had a little bit of experience with commercial and industrial builds, but most of my time has been spent building new residential dwellings from very basic builds to complex architectural.

Warkworth has been identified as a high-growth area in the super city. We decided to look around for a build partner to be able to partner with. We looked at several franchisee models but settled on James Stroud and Stroud Homes. They did what they said they do. Other franchisee systems and names that we looked at started off saying things like that, but when it came down to it, there was holes. Stroud Homes, when they say they provide something, or that they have backup, or that they have training, or that they have a contact on the end of the phone whenever you need it, then that’s true.

Working for myself, there was very few systems and processes, fairly basic, and just felt a need to be able to have all those systems and processes in place immediately and have good people behind all that to be able to help train me, to be able to help coach me. It’s been amazing really. There’s just all sorts of resources.

Me swinging a hammer with the three or four other guys that I had on was probably just gonna keep going till I couldn’t go any further and sort of no real plan. Since buying into the franchise and partnering with Stroud Homes, I actually now have a plan. I’m now able to see that there’s a goal. I have, you know, two, three, and five-year goals, which I can see will be attainable. With more sales, it will be the need for a staff and a display home. That’s where we’re heading, and I’m looking forward to the ride.

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