Franchisee Testimonial: Jamie Gwilliam (Stroud Homes Christchurch North)

Franchisee Testimonial: Jamie Gwilliam (Stroud Homes Christchurch North)

In this video, you get to meet Stroud Homes Christchurch North builder Jamie Gwilliam, and hear why he decided to join the building franchise.


Video Transcript:

Jamie: I was working for myself. We were doing foundations, new builds, renovations. We were fairly stretched on those three areas. We were making money but we…yeah, it was pretty flat out. I’ve never been a fan of franchise companies. I’ve worked for them in the past, and I’ve seen how they operate. But with Stroud, it was different from the get-go. A friend had bought a franchise down in Queenstown, and he was really saying good things about it. You don’t just buy a franchise and be left to it, we’ve got so much support along the way. It’s real exciting, so for me, that was the big push, we help each other out.

We’ve got different chats, so we’ve got our own chat from the South with Christchurch North, and the admin team in Australia. And then we’ve got all our New Zealand client come in and say, “Hey, I wanna build the Waitohi 245.” You can get straight onto Voxer, you can send a message to all the franchisees in New Zealand and say, “Hey, have you priced a Waitohi 245 recently?” And they say, “Yeah, we have,” they send down their pricing. It’s great that you can turn a quote around in 24 hours. There’s a bit of work to get to that point, but when you’re there, it’s really exciting because you can get onto a client with interest pretty quickly.

I guess what’s changed in my life is obviously, 100%…well, 95% being off the tools. It does give you the flexibility to take that Friday afternoon off and go watch kids cross-country. Once your systems are there, then it does free you up to have a lot more time. Already in our first year, we’re probably looking to build 7 to 8 homes, looking to be up to a point where we can do 15 the following year. That’s really our goal, is to get to a nice, even number of homes that we know we can handle well and deliver a good job. You know, when you do start a building company, it can take 10, 15 years to actually be recognised, but with buying into the Stroud franchise, you take that leap, which is great.

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