Communication, Training & Support

Communication, Training & Support

Want to become your own boss?

New Zealand builder with franchise management team

There are many reasons builders decide to put down the tools and opt to start their own building franchise

For some it’s an aching body, for others it’s about passion. Either way, getting a building company off the ground takes more than just passion; it takes product knowledge, business skills, sales, and more than anything, hard work.

Stroud Homes has been in the home building business for many years and knows exactly what it takes for builders to become successful in the industry. In this blog post, you get to know more about our business model and why our builders are among the best in the business.

Communication: The Business Model

Stroud Homes’ success in both Australia and New Zealand speaks for itself. We have gathered a professional team with years of experience to train and guide builders to become the best they can be.

Heavily based around clear communication, our well-thought-out training module and creation of software and systems have allowed new entrepreneurs to flourish in the project home-building business at a rapid pace.  Family friendly building company

Coming on board the Stroud team of builders you can rely on always having a dedicated head office team to help you from sales training through to cash flow management. The Stroud mantra and business model “no builder is an island” means you become part of the Stroud tribe and get to learn from the best, together with like-minded peers.

Many eager entrepreneurs are considering the opportunity to own their own business, but are afraid of facing the challenges that come with it, alone. With Stroud Homes you will have like-minded business owners dealing with the same constraints that you face every day that you speak with, meet with, and bounce ideas off daily.

One of the easiest ways for our builders to communicate is via Voxer. Voxer is a communication app that allows you to send pictures, texts and even voice messages to a person or group of people. It works great for being able to provide quick updates or questions, even if you are unable to pick up the phone. It’s a great improvement over telephone conversations where you can play phone tag for days.

Watch how Christchurch home builder Jamie Gwilliam is utilising Voxer to communicate with fellow Stroud Homes builders.


Support: The Stroud difference

The greatest difference between Stroud Homes and other home builders is our management’s background as a previous building company franchisee.

Owner and Director James Stroud was once in the same position as you are right now, and he has passed down his knowledge and understanding to everyone in the business.

James believes communication is key in a successful business and has cultivated an open communicative culture between the franchisees, but also with the administrative team and clients.

The franchise support team encompasses all the skills and knowledge needed to make your Stroud Homes franchise a highly efficient business platform.

As a new owner, you will be guided through the concept of marketing and lead generation, quoting, home designs, pricing and much, much more.

Every quarter Stroud Homes holds a conference to offer our building business franchisees an opportunity to get to know each other, as well as to get to know the management team from the head office.

This will provide new franchisees with the opportunity to ask for advice and guidance from other builders and won’t have to go through the ups and downs of running a building business alone.

Give yourself a head start with the plans, systems, coaching support staff, and everything you need to get your business off the ground and take full advantage. We know where you can achieve success and when.

Want to join Stroud Homes?

If you are a building industry professional looking to take the next step into developing a profitable business, talk to us about our franchise opportunities throughout New Zealand.

With on-going training, excellent systems, a strong support network and a wide range of award-winning house plans in our portfolio, you’ll benefit from our industry-leading franchise network and profitable business model.

Take a look around the information on our website and gain some insights into what it is like to be a franchisee, what we are looking for in a successful franchise owner and our selection process. For more detailed information please enquire today or check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

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