How do builders come to be Stroud Homes franchisees?

How do builders come to be Stroud Homes franchisees?

It begins with a desire for ‘something more’

A builder’s journey with Stroud Homes often begins with the realisation of the need to take their business to the ‘next level’.

They love the building process but feel that they are pushing up against the limitations of their current building business.

They realise the need to create a better type of home building business that will also deliver a prosperous lifestyle for their families.

Whatever your motivation for wanting to evolve your building business, a franchise system like Stroud Homes is a great way to ‘bring the builder into business’.

Owning a home building franchise allows you to establish the business quickly so you and your team can get on with doing what you do best – building great homes for your customers.

One of the great benefits of  transitioning to a Stroud Homes business is that you are likely to have experiences and enjoy a lifestyle that would not be possible working as a regular builder.

Are you ready to make this change?

There’s a number of factors that will determine how far along the change journey you have moved. Consider the following:

Dissatisfaction with the status quo

You’re in a rut or a situation that you are unhappy with. Perhaps you’re burned out, tired of the uncertainty of running a one person business. Maybe you can’t physically perform the work of a builder anymore. Whatever your situation, if it is not fulfilling your needs then it is time for change.


To make a successful transition you need to envision what your desired goal looks and feels like. The more clearly you can ‘see’ your vision the more likely you are to move toward it. Even if you have just a ‘sketch’ of what your future looks like, a system like a Stroud Homes franchise can can help you fill in the picture.

First Steps

One of the biggest barriers to change is knowing what to do first. The task sometimes seems so huge that it can be paralyzing. As you are here on the Stroud Homes New Zealand franchise website we’re assuming you are looking into your very first steps. A Stroud Homes franchise can help you take these first steps and build your knowledge and skills to the point where you are taking leaps.

Resistance to Change

Resistance consists of all the things that prevent you from realising your goals. This can include fear, lack of skills and resources such as time, money and networks.

When the strength of your desire for change, vision and first steps come together in the right intensity you hit a tipping point where you automatically start chipping away at the barriers to change.



Start the journey today using the Stroud Homes system

A Stroud Homes franchise is a great way for a builder to evolve their building business into something that will generate a higher income and build a great community profile.

Looking for a building business for sale? We have various home building franchises available in prime locations around New Zealand.

Call 0800 4 NZ STROUD or message us below to learn more.

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