Owning A Building Franchise

Owning A Building Franchise

What’s it like to own a Stroud Homes building franchise? The systems in place help you deliver a quality product to your customers while receiving top level support from head office.


Video Transcript:

Mark: Stroud Homes came about with James Stroud, who was a successful builder in his own right. And then realised that he could do quite well working for himself, and set up his own building business in 2011. And what he did was develop really good strong systems, along with some excellent processes in place that really helped demystify and simplify the whole new build process for our customers.

Tom: The systems and processes have been really good for me. I’m system driven, so it was great coming on board with a lot of procedures in the operations manual already sort of set out for us. We also have a lot of good programs that come with the quote works, the onsite companion data build. The workflows are already there for us, and you can remodel them to suit your business, but having a base to work from is definitely a huge advantage.

Mark: Support and training is very, very important to us. We understand that the better we support and train our franchisees, then the better their business is going to be. We take it very seriously, the support and the backend that we offer them, and with the training, it’s always ongoing.

Tom: The support and training has been great. We do the quarterly franchisee catch-up, a lot of Zoom meetings as well, if there’s some new material or something that we all need to go over. Just having experienced people sort of guiding me and letting me know the dos and the don’ts has been a huge benefit to our leads. The leads have been good, yeah. We definitely have had a good constant flow. And not only are we doing our own marketing, but head office is in the background doing marketing as well. And that just helps the leads continually flow through.

Mark: One of the great things about joining Stroud Homes is we try and keep your initial investment costs down as far as we can. How we do this is we build display offices with the showroom in them. This really gives the clients confidence when they come in, and a level of trust before you even start building for them. They can do the colour selection there, you can have your sales meetings. And at the end of the day, you can go home and be with the family. As your business successfully grows, we then help transition you into a display home. Yeah, we’re really wrapped with the brand and a culture. Customers are definitely drawn to it.

Tom: Customers are talking about us. Customers are talking about our quality. We get a lot of people coming through our doors that have already heard about Stroud, and they know what Stroud is about. I’ve put a lot of thought into joining the Stroud Homes team. It was definitely the best decision I’ve ever made. I haven’t looked back. I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me, and it’s really set me up for the future. For anyone considering joining the Stroud Homes team, I’d definitely say do it.

Mark: At the end of the day, our ultimate goal here at Stroud Homes is we’re trying to bring a very high level of professionalism, but retain that intimacy of our family building for your family. I’m really excited about what the future holds for Stroud Homes and our Stroud Home builders.

More Information

If you would like to find out more about the Stroud franchise system, how it works and what’s required to buy a building business & join the Stroud family, read through our Frequently Asked Questions or send us an online enquiry.

We have a number of exclusive franchise territories available around New Zealand. Please view our current NZ building franchises for sale and if you’re interested in learning more about starting your own building business get in touch today!

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