Starting a Stroud Homes Franchise: What Happens Next?

Starting a Stroud Homes Franchise: What Happens Next?

Learn what happens in the initial stages of expressing interest in a Stroud Homes franchise, from getting your agreement through to the localisation process.


Video Transcript:

Ann-Marie: So I love the t-shirt and the hat. And now I really feel like a part of the Stroud Group team.

James: Welcome.

Ann-Marie: Thank you. So what happens next, James?

James: We’d like you to call and get to know some of the Stroud builders and what’s involved. We’d like you to take the agreement and go and talk to your lawyer. We also like to do a discovery day, and that involves you, and your husband and I, and maybe some people from the head office team driving around the area, getting a feel for who our competitors will be, what land opportunities are available, what the styles and fashions are in your area, giving us a bit of a head start on what we’ll be dealing with as we establish your business in your area. If you put down a holding deposit, that puts that area aside for you and your husband. We won’t talk to any other builders until you’ve decided to proceed or not proceed with the area.

Ann-Marie: My husband still likes the idea of starting his own business.

James: Other people have mentioned that before too. And what they found is that there’s still plenty of excitement in developing the business in the franchise model. You’re going to meet all these new staff that come onto your team, train them up. You’re going to develop a name for yourself in the community using the Stroud Home system. So we go through a localisation process. Within a matter of days, you’re able to provide prices on hundreds of homes in our range. It’s just something you can’t offer. So you’re going to have a professional outfit with a great reputation and you’re going to hit the ground running from day one.

More Information

You can read through some of our Frequently Asked Questions about how to join a Stroud Homes home building franchise.

We have a number of exclusive territories available around New Zealand. Please view our current building franchises for sale and if you’re interested in learning more about starting your own building business using the successful Stroud model, get in touch with our franchise team today!

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