The Growth of the Stroud Homes Brand

The Growth of the Stroud Homes Brand

Stroud Homes is a highly successful business that is averaging 50% growth per year in the last 3 years and achieving 11,000 leads in the most recent year. The more we grow, the better our offering to clients becomes and the more success our builders have!


Video Transcript:

Ann-Marie: So I’ve talked things over with my husband, but now we need to decide if Stroud Homes is the best direction to take our family business. So I thought I’d go through a few quick stats with James Stroud from Stroud Homes. So James, my husband, and I are eager to know, how is the Stroud Group growing?

James: Yeah, well, Ann-Marie, the Stroud Group is doing very well. We’ve grown the brand by around 50% a year, for the last three years, we’ve added 50% more builders to the Stroud Group in the last 12 months. Going back sort of six years, we were getting around 600 enquiries a year to our website, it’s now around 11,000. The way that we do that is a joint effort between our business and your business. So you’re running a local area marketing program, and we’re running a global marketing program. You are talking to your customers on a day-to-day basis, and you have a very good idea how to market directly to them. And we’re able to run TV ads, and billboards, and things that benefit many of the Stroud builders at one time.

Ann-Marie: How do you see the future?

James: We want to keep growing the Stroud Group, we’re very keen to continue adding on great builders to our team. We have a strong belief that if we make the builders that are already with us highly successful, we will attract other builders who we can make highly successful, also.

Ann-Marie: So my husband and I are eager to know some finer details. How does the marketing side work, and how does that then relate to business growth?

James: So when we work together on these, we get the best result. Same with the social media, you’re marketing to your local area, sending out information that you know that local people are gonna be interested in, and we’re working on building brand awareness so that people know about Stroud Homes before they ever come to your business.

Ann-Marie: So as the number of builders increases, then it’s gonna get better from there.

James: That’s true Ann-Marie, you know, the more builds we have the higher the volumes become, then we become more important in the eyes of the supplier, so then our prices get better. And then we can offer something better to our customers, it becomes quite a positive cycle. We believe that training is like a bucket, the more effort, and time, and money, you put into it, the more you get out. We have four conferences a year. We have online training, many resources available for our teams to improve their skills and grow their businesses. Builders have come and stayed at Stroud Homes because of the tools that they have available, because of the support they’re getting. And I think that’s gonna continue to happen at Stroud Homes, continue to drive our growth.

Ann-Marie: Sounds like there’s a lot of support, growth, and potential, for our family business. And it sounds like it’s the best fit for my husband and I.

James: I look forward to making that happen.

More Information

You can read through some of our other Frequently Asked Questions here. Stroud Homes have a number of exclusive territories available for builders around New Zealand. Please view our current building franchises for sale and if you’re interested in learning more about growing your own building business, get in touch with our franchise team today.

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