The Stroud Homes franchise setup experience

A quick chat with Michael about his initial experience with the Stroud business setup team.

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Stroud Homes NZ is Seeking an Experienced Franchise Support Manager

28th May 2021

Stroud Homes is seeking an experienced Franchise Support Manager in New Zealand to lead our established and highly reputable... Read More

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16th February 2021

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How do builders come to be Stroud Homes franchisees?

20th November 2017

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Positioning for opportunity in the NZ Home Building Sector

20th November 2017

With the 2017 elections well and truly behind us and a NZ-First/Labour minority government in place, some relative certainty... Read More

What is your strategy for getting through building downturns?

20th November 2017

Adapting to inevitable peaks and troughs The new National/Labour government is also committing to bringing significant housing and infrastructure projects... Read More


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