Why Do Builders Choose to Become Franchisees with Stroud Homes NZ?

Why Do Builders Choose to Become Franchisees with Stroud Homes NZ?

From our 10-year advantage in regards to award winning house plans and systems, to exceptional head office support for our franchisees, there are many reasons why local builders choose to join the Stroud Homes team.


Video Transcript:

Interviewer: So my husband and I are toying with the idea of independent versus joining the Stroud Homes team. So James, what are some of the things that we need to consider?

James: Yeah. That’s a great question. Look, it all starts with the design range. There’s about $800,000 worth of investment going into creating that range. In addition to that, the range is priced up inside of our bills of quantity. So not only do you have great plans, they’re already 90% of the way to being priced up. Now, if you were to go it alone, you would have to spend probably $100,000 getting an estimator to price those designs up, to get to the same point that a Stroud builder is on day one. You’re starting a business that’s won awards for its homes, awards for its display homes. We even won an award for innovation.

Now, building companies are normally quite conservative traditional businesses, but we’ve won an award for innovation. So that adds a lot of credibility to your business from day one. The builders start to get an appreciation of the systems at Stroud Homes, managing cash flow, managing workflow, recruiting, training staff. They’re all there, they’re all set up, and it’s all things that take a very long time to set up if you’re on your own. As an independent builder, you’re not gonna have the credibility that the Stroud Homes brand has from day one just because of the look of the brand and the expense that’s gone into the graphic arts. So it’s important to include that in your assessment.

Interviewer: So I’ve heard about this 10-year advantage. Can you tell me just a little bit more about what’s behind that?

James: Okay. The 10-year advantage talks about the difference between starting up independently and starting up at Stroud Homes. To develop that range of plan, if you have the $800,000, would also take a lot of time. It’s quite feasible when you start making a list of what you would have to do to get to the same place as Stroud Homes and fund those developments that it could take you 10 years or more to get to that same point from an independent builder and a dead start.

Interviewer: So my husband is great with his hands, but he’s a bit nervous around that paperwork side. What has Stroud Homes got that can support us with that?

James: We’ve made a commitment to make Stroud Homes the most reliable builder in terms of financial stability. It’s really important to us. We’ve got reports for cash flow that happen every seven days. We’ve got reports for overall progress that happen once a month. We work with you to understand those reports. You’ve got a lot of support to make sure that your building company is organised, and stable, and well-planned. Many builders have concerns with financially managing their business.

Interviewer: So with Stroud Homes’ credibility, the 10-year advantage, and all the support systems in place, I’m happy to say that my husband and I are very excited to jump on board the Stroud Homes group.

James: Excellent. We look forward to having you.

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You can read through more of our Frequently Asked Questions here.

We have a number of exclusive territories available. Please view our current building franchises for sale in New Zealand. If you’re interested in learning more about starting your own or buying a building business, get in touch with our franchise team today.

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